I am currently getting ready to embark on a new journey. I will walk the Earth for two years and practice to bless the Earth with each step and feel myself as a connection between Heaven and Earth.
For me walking seems to be the way to discover the mystery of life. And as a woman this is my (current) way to embody the divine feminine in the world.
My first destination will be New Zealand, leaving in a week. The idea is to travel to different countries over the next two years, wherever I feel called to walk. While the practice of connecting Heaven and Earth through me feels like the main part I also want to connect to the nature, to the trees, animals, sea and wind. It feels like an apprenticeship with Mother Earth to learn to listen to her, feel or sing or dance in communication with her and celebrate the sacred.
How it started: For a few years already I have had vision of me walking and strong longings often to just put on my walking boots and leave. I saw me (in my visions) walking across borders with groups of women. And indeed 6 years ago I lived for a while in Egypt/Sinai and organized hiking trips into the mountains and the desert. I know and love the life style that comes with it, moving a lot, sleeping outside, sitting around fires, eating simple food, meeting different people every day, …
The idea for this specific walking practice (connecting Heaven and Earth) was given to me by a shaman friend here in Berlin when I told him about my visions and he read to me from a book he is currently writing with the title ‘Himmelsläufer’ (possible translation: ‘Skywalker’). He will guide me in my practice.

Thank you for reading and being here!


Title photo: “Connecting Heaven and Earth” by Stig Albansson.