Coming Home in Mecklenburg

Another morning in the sun in the open door of my caravan. I am sitting on my meditation cushion listening to the various birds singing their unique songs; it feels like the different songs activate different parts of by brain, when I give myself to just listening to their song, my brain is being massaged by the sounds.

My porridge, that I prepared around the corner in my simple outdoor kitchen is waiting to be eaten. I am thoroughly enjoying an outdoor life without travelling. I have carried the dream to live like this for a while and now it has worked itself into my life, how wonderful. And I did not even have to invest in a tiny house. The caravan, outdoor kitchen and a place to wash had all been sitting here in the garden behind the old farmhouse that my friends bought in the early nineties and before me their children and various guests have stayed here when they were visiting. To get my new home ready to move in just before the Easter weekend, I only had to do some cleaning and simple repair work, I spread it over several days while the weather seemed still too cold to live here. The warm and sunny Easter weekend welcomed me into the space, it was easy to feel comfortable while the nature around me woke up into spring life. Since then there has been colder and wetter weather which does not effect me as much as I thought it would. There is an electric oven to keep me warm and a day that seems rainy when observed from the inside of the house, appears to be less rainy from the perspective of the caravan. There are always moments of less rain that I can use to prepare a meal or to brush my teeth.

Living outside really really suits me, I sleep well, I get up early in the morning, listen to my birds and enjoy the scenery, a growing field of corn in front of me, a group of trees to the left and a road lined with trees in the distance. I can hear the humming of the bees around me. The nearest shops are a 25 minute cycle ride away through a forest.

I have already made some friends, a young man who lives in the village and who drives to Berlin regularly. He could go with him a few times and on the way back we always stopped at the place, where I had stored my things for the two years. And bit by bit we brought all my boxes here. In the container they seemed to be few, spread out in the attic here, I felt a bit overwhelmed at first by the number of boxes. But now I sift through them step by step, enjoy using my pots and plates and to wear clothes I had nearly forgotten, but I am also throwing things out that were not yet ready to be given away two years ago.

While being here, writing my book about my journey gets most of my attention. Apart from that there are always little improvements to be done on the caravan and kitchen area. I am being left alone as much as I want. Often the activities in the house are so interesting that I feel drawn to join. Also the deep and beautiful exchange with my friend is calling me there. It is a big house and family and friends come to visit, sometimes rooms are rented out to groups. Last weekend a group of women from Berlin visited; they came to work with stone, one of them worked on a big chunk of stone that after hammering away the edges is close to looking like a meditation cushion. They work under the guidance of my friend who is a stone sculpture and they come every year to continue diving deeper into the art of sculpting stone. Such an alive and joyous group which I loved to join for some of their meals. Three weeks ago, a group of Syrian and Palestine former refugees came for a wilderness weekend. At first I resisted joining them, feeling the need to concentrate on my writing, but then my curiosity was too big and I joined the group for the breakfast on Sunday morning, it became a very long breakfast including singing of songs from each of our home countries. I was deeply effected by their presence and in the afternoon found myself crying in my caravan when I let what I had felt in them, touch me in the silence.

I have started to dive into local politics, participated in two demonstrations for keeping the local train connection, the Südbahn, alive. When I first came to visit my friends here in Mecklenburg in 2012, I enjoyed the easy train connection from Berlin to Lübz. These days taking public transport from here is much more tedious and slow. This is also why I asked a friend to bring me here at the end of February with a few of my bags to move in. First I stayed in the main house. And although I had longed to live in the countryside, I did not find it easy to settle. I was not even sure if I wanted to settle or just use this place as a base to do some further travelling. However, I had already decided that in this year I would put my focus on writing my book. An opportunity came up to travel to Hamburg to visit friends for a few days and when they went on a holiday I was able to look after their apartment for a whole week; it felt like a flight from the cold and sometimes relentless life in the middle of nature. I slowly calmed down and adjusted to the life in the countryside. There is nothing to distract me, no cafe around the corner; also most of the time the internet is not strong enough to watch videos or films to take my attention from what is going on inside of me.

While staying in the house when the weather was still cold, I finally got used to preparing wood for the oven and settled into rekindling the fire in the morning and enjoyed a few very cosy evenings sitting close to the oven reading.

Usually now, particularly with my prime spot in the garden and the birds around me and bees I do not miss the busy city life at all. But last week I spent a day in Schwerin to shop for a trip I am going on soon. I love Schwerin, the many lakes around, the restored old houses, it feels alive and fresh. I had already fallen in love with Schwerin in 1991 when I spent 6 weeks here for a student placement in the agency for business development. I was responsible for programming a database but also got some insights into the interesting work that was being done during the first years of reunion of East and West Germany. I remember feeling like living in a foreign country when I walked in the streets. It felt confusing to be able to speak my language and be understood. Amazing how different life in the East and West had developed during the years apart. Already back then I enjoyed the open feeling around Schwerin surrounded by lakes, the central castle on an island with a beautiful park around.

As I am writing, the cat is sleeping on my bed. She came to visit me this morning at 6am as there is nobody else around at the moment. I like to be with her, I can feel a heart to heart connection; we seem to lovingly witness each other.

My new home
My new home
The Path to and from our house
The Path to and from our house
Full Moon view from Caravan
Full Moon view from Caravan

3 thoughts on “Coming Home in Mecklenburg

  1. Liebe Anja,
    wir haben uns vor über einem Jahr in Lanzarote getroffen…seither folge ich dir auf deinem Blog – und ich weiß nicht genau warum, aber dein letzter Eintrag und die Bilder deines Caravans… und der Mond… und der Weg… berühren mich sehr! Da würde ich jetzt auch gern sein.
    Schön, immer wieder von dir zu lesen, und deinen Weg mitzuverfolgen.
    Sehr herzliche Grüße aus Wien,

    Liked by 1 person

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