My walking project brought me to Lanzarote. Most interesting place manifestation so far, I would say. I kind of knew I wanted to visit the Canary Islands, I had never been here, but they sounded beautiful. Apparently each of the islands is very unique. When I was still unclear which one I wanted to visit, my friend mentioned Lanzarote and it made click in my body. Two days later I had booked my flight and found a place to stay.

Getting here was very smooth, I even had a friendly chat with one of the security women at the airport. The local bus stopped in front of the airport building in Lanzarote when I came out and took me to the place where I had to check in, in about 15 minutes. On that ride I observed some of the touristy beaches and promenades. But I have already learnt to avoid the places where most tourists are. I live on a Finca around 5 kilometers away from the sea in a shared apartment. My flatmate is lovely. We just clicked and have spent most of the weekend together.

She is renting a car and we dedicated most of Saturday to discover the world of Lanzarote’s famous artist Cesar Manrique. He built one of his houses into the lava of the island’s volcanos. Architecture in tune with the surrounding nature, very inspiring and beautiful. He was also involved in creating the Jameos del Agua built deep into the craters of volcanos, there was a lake in which a very particular type of white crab is living, a restaurant, swimming pool and a whole auditorium under the earth. Also the surrounding nature is breathtaking, in the true sense as I sometimes found myself stopping to breath. We stopped at a particular windy place on the way and could literally lean into the wind, but after experiencing the joy of letting ourselves lean in we both turned back instantly as we noticed that in the next moment we could have been blown away.

Energies are intense wherever we go. Yesterday we visited a small local market and my flatmate met an old friend. She told us about a special church with strong energies, we spent some time there, took off our shoes and connected directly to the energies that the volcanic rock is apparently emanating. I don’t understand what is happening, but I can feel lots of energy. At the same time my sleep seems to be very deep, deeper than normal and very regenerative.

Today it is raining, rain that this normally very dry island urgently needed. Our eurhythmy teacher told us that after long phases of draught the volcanic sand is too dry to be able to soak up the rain, she described how she mixed dry sand and rain water to ‘teach’ the sand about water again.

The Finca, in which I stay, is associated with a Centre of Anthroposophy. Here in the centre we can participate in sessions of Eurhythmy some of the mornings, take treatments or participate in concerts, talks, etc. There is also a small Cafe/Restaurant where I am sitting now and writing. I can connect to the internet here, at the Finca we are far from any wifi.

I am glad that I ventured out on the bike that I rented on my first day, the sunniest day so far. I had somehow made up my mind in the morning to go to a place in the South of the island (Playa Blanca), kind of far and when I was riding there I noticed that I was going mostly downhill and with the wind. It was so much fun and the view was so stunning that I did not want to stop although I knew I had to go back the same way. And going back was hard but not as hard as I had thought and I was happily tired when I arrived at the Finca. On the way I saw the Salinas de Janubio and in the distance the next Canary Island Fuerteventura.

This feels like a whole new world to discover.

Being Seen

Last week I had an experience which brought me to an interesting realization: It was through facebook, when it kindly reminded me of G’s Birthday. I met G. at a conference on Intercultural Training about 12 years ago. He has been an expert in that field for many years and when, last week, I thought about our encounter at the conference, I realized that back then he had seen something in me that I am only waking up to now. A competence in me, that he could see back then, and I only come to believe in now after taking off layer after layer of insecurities. It really hit me and it felt like what he saw was activated through his seeing it in me. If this is what happens, there could be qualities in us that are never seen by anybody and we can never bring them to life or make them part of us. Or we spend our time in mostly positive environments and with people who are present with us. That would give us the biggest chance to activate all that is in us, assuming that this is what we want. I could feel gratefulness for G’s gift in seeing people and told him so in my birthday message.

Also nature wants to be seen in its beauty and specialness. This is what I learned in recent encounters with nature. Just noticing a place or tree is good, seeing beauty in a place or plant seems to energise the place, then more beauty can emerge, stronger and more nurturing places are created as experiments such as in the Findhorn Garden have shown already many years ago. I believe that we can co-create with nature in many more ways that are to be explored.

Also seeing the beauty in a tree or a flower can be the doorway to a connection. I remember my time on the island of Erraid last September, when I was ‘trying’ to connect to the spirit of the island. I might have been trying from a contracted place, wanting something and nothing happened. When I asked what was missing and I prayed for an answer, I understood that first the beauty of what I want to connect to needs to fill my heart, then a contact is possible.

In this context a friend recently used the word ‘worship’, it is a strong word and possibly has a strong effect when embodied. I intend to experiment with this. Lots of exploring and experimenting to do on the next island I will be visiting: Lanzarote.



The Tree

The Tree

I found a tree friend on Bornholm. A beech tree with one big trunk out of which grow two smaller trunks. Standing beside a small road in a forest with otherwise mostly needle trees. It caught my attention when I was walking past, it seemed powerful and I was attracted to it. I asked if I could come closer and yes I could. Then I followed an impulse which has been coming often recently when I am intending to explore a connection to a stone or old graves or trees. I walked around the tree in clockwise direction three times. It feels like a sign of respect and just feels right, in those moments I cannot act in any other way. Then I explored from which side of the tree I wanted to get even more close and touch the tree. After some sensing I found a really nice place where I could lean into the tree with my whole body. It felt wonderful as if time was standing still. Then at some point the question formed in my head: What can I do for you? And the answer was ‘Just be with me’. Most of nature I have connected to recently seems to be waiting for us to get into contact. Nature is there for us, waiting for healing. Any healing that we might need seems to be deeply connected to the healing of Mother Earth. She can only be healed if we agree to be healed and give her all these unexpressed emotions or whatever we have kept inside for too long.

I returned to the tree twice, before leaving Bornholm. In some ways it felt like meeting with a lover, and each time I brought a present for my tree. When we met for the last time I could feel a circle of energy that was flowing through me and the tree, it felt like in the flow of the circle my heart was being washed and what was washed out flowed into the Earth to nurture it. It was a beautiful experience, my heart was happily throbbing for a few more hours.


Happy New Year!

I hope you had a good start into 2018!

I have spent the last five weeks on Bornholm. Another very beautiful island in what seems to be a love affair with islands that I am living. Two friends bought a house on Bornholm last summer and I was welcome to spend 4 weeks over the Holidays and New Year here. As I liked it so much I am now looking after the house while they are away on a holiday.

The time here has been very rich, we experienced a lovely co-creative time together, a free flow of joined activities, meals, walks and times spent alone. We drove to a few beautiful places on the island: A walk along a part of the coast in the North of Bornholm, including some time around the ruins of Salomon’s chapel, probably built around the 14th century. I read that merchants and fishermen came here to ask for a blessing for save travelling.

We also went to the beach in the South of Bornholm where most of the tourists go in the summer, kilometers of white sand to walk along. I was told that the sand is some of the finest and was used in hour glasses. Looking at the sea and beyond, the next mainland would be Poland. I spent another day there with a neighbour last weekend, with the sun shining, everything was put into a mesmerizing glow. The temperature was just above zero, but the sun felt super warm: we had a nice long picknick break at the beach. A taste of the mild climate that prevails here. Fig trees are thriving when it is their time.

In the middle of the island is a big forest area and it was interesting to experience the special geology of Bornholm with lots of ups and downs, deep valleys and high points and ruins of Viking castles to explore. At some point all three of us in the bare ruins of one of the castles were brought back in time and imagined the colorful life in such a place.

A highlight was a visit to the Erdholmene, a small group of islands 19km northeast of Bornholm. It is a tourist attraction in the summer months, with hundreds of people spending a day there. In winter it is possible to go with the postal boat ‘Peter’ and spend two hours until the boat returns around lunchtime. The islands have never been part of a municipalicy, they are administered by the Ministry of Defense. They are small enough so we had time to walk around the two main islands. We saw a group of seals on a rock off the island and listened to them singing, I don’t think I ever experienced this before, very special and touching. It reminded me of the singing elephant seal in ‘Urmel aus dem Eis’, a children’s book that I used to love when I was a girl. On the trip with ‘Peter’ back to Bornholm we started talking to a woman who lives on the island and learnt a few interesting things. Around 100 people live and work on Christiansoe, the main island. You can only live there if you have a job on the island. Christiansoe is a solid rock that continues steep down under water for hundreds of meters, so the sea is really deep right around the island. Maybe this has an effect on the special mild climate here?

During my more solitary walks I enjoyed communicating with the spirit of Bornholm. It felt like talking to an old and wise friend who I could ask for advice. Spending time on the island feels very wholesome to me and as far as I understood the overall quality of the island is ‘wholeness’. Potentially very healing and a wonderful place for reflection and integration, finding out what works and what doesn’t work in one’s life.

I can now value times of integration much more. When I look back at my life I think I never really took enough time to rest and integrate, the adventure loving part in me would be too restless and want to take me to a new adventure and I found it difficult to resist. Bornholm feels so strong and so welcoming and holding that even my inner adventurer can relax. But then there are enough interesting things here to explore.

The round church not far from where I am staying. We participated in the Christmas services there and it was quite a treat.

Round Church Osterlars
Round Church Osterlars

And the trees which stand with such a presence.