The Elements

A friend came for a visit, my good friend from school days, we travel together often and know to have some good times. Lots of talking and walking, good food and exploring of the island. We participated in an hour-long archeological tour and learnt that the island was formed during the ice-age that ended around 250000 years ago. The rocks and stones that the ice brought with it from the North built the core of the island where later people could settle and live. The first settlers around 2000 B.C. Later Frisians came here and there was a time when Vikings and Frisians lived in relative peace side by side on the island. Maybe some of the people living here today have Viking blood!

Back to alone time now, and after listening for hours to videos on youtube on archetypes yesterday, I took some time to connect to the elements today, as the spirit of the island had suggested during one of my first walks. A week or so ago, I had started my exploration and wondered what it means to be in tune with an element. According to Chinese Medizine and other healing approaches the elements are brought into association with certain parts of our body, e.g. water is associated with kidney and bladder, air or wind is associated with lung and colon. So I tried to tune into my kidney and then tune to the water, and later I felt my lung and then connect to the wind. Not so many insights yet, but it seems to be one way to connect.

Today, however, after I had chatted with the spirit of the island about holograms, the idea came to connect to the spirit of the wind, or the spirit of the water directly. Good idea and not to be taken lightly I would say. I decided to connect to the spirit of the wind first as it was blowing quite strongly. I imagined a similar contact as I have to the spirit of the island, but there were no words. Somehow I knew that this contact was just about feeling, so I switched off my busy mind and felt. The wind entered into me as the air that I was breathing, my breaths became deeper and deeper, it felt like every cell, down to the big toe was filling with fresh air. I don’t think I have ever breathed so deeply. And then my heart opened and I loved the wind. I felt completely fulfilled by the wind and for a few moments I could hold this beautiful state. Then I was distracted by something and all of a sudden I found myself in a hole of water. As far as I understand, on the sandbank that I like to walk on, with lots of rain, holes with mixed water and sand are formed that look like normal sand. I have experienced small holes before, but this was knee deep and the water ran into my rubber boots and for a moment I nearly fell, I could prop myself with my hands, but then my gloves were wet too!

Interesting experience, it felt like the elements were reminding me of the force and power they can have, I think it has to do with respect and reverence. I will continue my explorations with more care and honouring of the sacred.

Luckily I was only about 45 minutes away from my temporary home, where I changed into dry clothes and then decided to have a hot bath.



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