Life on the Camino has been good the last three days. I feel in tune and that I belong here. Often I was totally happy to imagine to not do anything else then feeling the heaven under my feet for the rest of my life and to keep on walking.

Yesterday I was the last to leave the hostel at 7am and today nearly the last at 6.40am. Pilgrims start the day early. Which made sense the last two days because during the day it was hot (26 degrees Celsius).

Met N. and A. multiple times yesterday which was nice. So interesting that some people are always around. Otherwise I keep meeting new people every day apart from two Australian couples who I have seen for more than a week. They were around when I bought my new shoes which have become very good companions.

I sleep better as I have been able to manifest an open window during the night recently. One night I was right there at the window with an incredible view and yesterday I had to fight a little bit and was astonished about my assertiveness and then smiled at myself.

View from the upper bunk bed
Cruz de Ferro

Traditionally pilgrims leave a stone that they brought from home at the Cruz de Ferro. It was an important moment for me when I left mine. It had rained a little when I walked up the hill and I asked the universe to have a dry moment at the cross, which I had and then later the sun came out to shine on the colorful land.

Walking through Ponferrada I found the Castillo de los Templarios fascinating.

And today on the so-called ‘camino duro’ walking through the sweet chestnut trees which unfortunately caught two very cold nights recently.

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