El Ganso

Yes! My future is looking good. A nice path, beautiful surroundings and views, magic surprises on the way. I am also feeling lighter and I have accepted the weight of my backpack. I stopped comparing. 

I started early again. First breakfast was a banana and a piece of bread from last night. And as I was enjoying the early morning and noticing how happy I was that I stopped were I did last night and how well I detached from my needing green tea before I leave + congratulating myself for letting go of my resistance to using a microwave, around the corner a pilgrim’s paradise appeared. Somebody set up an outdoor shop with tea and coffee in the middle of nowhere. Fruit, even müsli and dried fruit in abundance. Also an oven to get warm – it is getting colder again as we approach the next mountain range. 
I let go and received in abundance. There was also a spiral that I walked in with a question. Already in the middle I received my answer. I will do some more research into spirals and mazes, the man from Argentine who started talking to me when I came out of the spiral gave me a few interesting hints. 

And then I moved my practice from ‘doing’ the connecting to feeling the heaven beneath my feet. Much more delightful! 

The weather was perfect, coolish but sunny. Finally I arrived in my prebooked albergue, a few steps away there is a shop that sells müsli in pilgrim’s rations and has dates and in general everything a pilgrim needs. And the albergue kitchen offers free tea and classical music is playing. Can’t think of anything else I might need now.

Oh and last night I had a happy unexpected reencounter with John who I thought I had left behind. We had another very interesting conversation over dinner. 

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