Santibanez de Valdeiglesias

Today I started walking at 6am. It felt beautiful to walk into the day. Then in the next village on the way, after 10 km there was no bar open. A few of us had a break near the church, reflecting how we got on without coffee and enjoying our water. 

I felt great. Empty roads and a good atmosphere for my connecting walking practice. I worked more with my wooden staff, imagining to send love and light through the staff. It feels very lightful if I direct some of it through me. It brings a smile to my face. 

A part of me wanted to walk to Astorga today. Of course I had met new people and particularly A. and N., two men travelling together, I wanted to meet again. We ran into each other a few times during the last few days and spent our breaks together, a most delightful and funny meeting we had in Leon. It was so uplifting that I spent the rest of the day completely in tune with myself. Had a delicious lunch and then I visited the cathedral. A very powerful building. The next morning I felt a little disoriented and although I had to walk back, at some point I decided to go back to the cathedral and spend some time there. As if the cathedral had called me to pay respect. I felt blessed and could walk on more in tune again. That was yesterday, it turned out to be a very hot day. 

Yesterday while walking I felt into why I like A. and N. so much. I think it is the sense of humor and a wonderful attitude to be ready to like everything about the person they meet. I felt very empowered in their presence.

So today it started to rain around 13km into the day, strong rain, my first real rain experience. And it turns out my new shoes are not at all rainproove. I kind of knew that, but was hoping they would keep my feet more dry. 

Walking into the rain

I real fight inside me started, the part that was doing well and wanted to walk on, the part worrying about my wet skin under my feet and the part that tries not to overdo it anymore. And then I am very aware that according to my Camino theory I am very close to my current age, I walked 520 and a bit km. Very soon I will be walking in my future. Maybe it is good to go slow here and wait for better weather to continue 😁.

Well I found myself ask for a bed in a albergue on the way. And after having had my shower and while resting in the bar, A. and N. walked in. Another good chat. They later continued to Astorga. 

Puente di Orbigo

On the way we walked across another of these huge bridges. Also the Rio Orbigo carried more water in the past. 

A man from Germany I walked with reminded me how the Spanish people used a lot of their trees to build the Spanish Armada. With less trees the water levels sank and the rivers dried out. 

The rivers carrying little water is the most obvious effect on nature I notice. 

I do enjoy to see the many storks and their nests, often on the churches. Yesterday in a church a text suggested that the storks want to be closer to God. 

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