In my new App ‘Camino Frances – the Wise Pilgrim’ it says that Sahagun has seen more than its share of battles between Christians and Moslems. It was an important town back then and everybody wanted it. 5 of the originally 10 churches are still visible, some as ruins. 

I feel this is a good place to leave a stone I brought from Sinai as a sign for peace between Christians and Muslims. I’ll find a place when I have finished my camomille tea in this comfortable bar.

Feeling much better, it is also good to not be too exhausted after the walking part of the day. I was curious and fit enough to discover the town.

I am really going slower, new experience. Something in me seems to be very different after recent experiences, can’t say what exactly. But for example I am sleeping on my back now after most of my life having slept on my tummy. In the evening I am listening to sound meditations created by Tom Kenyon. This also helps me to not be too upset about the many pilgrims who prefer to sleep with windows closed even with 20 people in the room. Well, I might have mentioned that most carry a very light sleeping bag.

Yesterday we crossed the 400km point – half way done to Santiago. Sahagun is officially the centre of the Camino for people who started walking in Roncesvalles. 

Sahagun – Centre del Camino

Already around km 300 I had the thought that the number of km walked might mirror my age (and possibly of everybody walking the way), 300 = 30 years. Now in my early 40s again when I decided to start my own business. Maybe mirrored by my new shoes which are more spacious than my other shoes but not yet broken in. 

Ermita de la Virgen del Puente

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