15 th day – Castrojeriz

Another sunny day on the Camino! 

The day before yesterday I had the impulse to reserve a bed to have a bit more ease of mind during the day. And when I was entering the little town of Hornillos del Camino indeed there was a small group of pilgrims who told me that all beds were taken in this town and in the next town 10 km further. Lucky me that I had reserved. I have not heard yet where the others found a place for the night. The hostel was pleasant, a modern pilgrim’s hostel, super efficient and there was a communal dinner. The cost for a night in one of these places is 10ā‚¬ + 10ā‚¬ for the meal and 3ā‚¬ for a frugal breakfast. 

The tension that had been building over the last few days broke free after I left Burgos. Lots of time walking through the Meseta to cry, shout, pray and finally calm down again. In my outer Camino life I decided to cut back or stop drinking coffee and wine and I will look out for better food during the day.

Not sure if tense connecting of heaven and earth helped anybody … 

Today my practice felt delightful and I imagined that with every time I put my stick on the floor I planted peace and love on that spot. 

I don’t accept any offers to walk with others for the moment and enjoy meeting my new friends over dinner or in the breaks.

A friend I have been in email contact with reminded me that I am on a way to embody more of the feminine while I am walking. Sometimes I can feel how I put more emphasis on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. I walk softly, and also when I speak I try to speak from the soft part in me. 

And then life comes in the form of challenging daily etappes that are described in my guide book and the man in me šŸ™‚ wants to be able to finish them, even tries to push myself with coffee and meat to pull through. I understood this more deeply now I think, will work on refining my masculine part to support me in new ways. 

Walking through the ruines of the old pilgrim hospital of San Anton

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