On the way to Azofra

Yesterday the weather had cleared up. I realized that I had left my staff in the albergo when I was nearly out of the village and went back to get it. I was glad I had remembered in time, I would have missed it. I experimented some more with it and to me it feels like it can serve as an antenna for frequencies from the heaven and then they can either be directly led through the staff to the earth or through my body. It seems to itensify my practice. 

Although yesterday in the afternoon my feet started to hurt quite badly. I had thought I could make up some of the way and catch up with my friends again in one or two days but I have to let them go. And now I have new friends anyway. A group of German ladies who I met over dinner last night. And I decided to take it more easy and take longer breaks. That worked well for me today and I found a very nice hostel in the little town of Granon. There will be dinner for all of us in the common room in half an hour. 

In the one local bar here, I met my Korean friends again. This time I asked them how Catholicism came to their country. And apparently 200 years ago a bible was brought by somebody. They liked what they read and invited a priest to come and start the Catholic Church in South Korea. Now 10% of the population follow this faith. 

For the third time I am sharing a bunk bed with Josephine from South Korea. We only ever meet in the hostel, never on the way during the day. Unfortunately she cannot speak any English and we mostly communicate with hands and gestures. Funny. 

I thought I would want a hotel room sometime soon and now I come to like the albergos. 

Crossing the river in Najera.

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