About my Walking Practice

From the last round of blog posts I received the feedback to write more about my walking practice. I notice that I am still insecure about what to share, and then this is what this blog is mainly about. So let’s try.

In Dahab I tried the connecting heaven and earth walking practice and I had difficulty in focusing on it. I assume a part of me did not want to feel what is to feel there. I walked along the sea on one side and mostly deserted hotels and camps on the other side. Although I liked the silence it felt sad to see so few tourists in the formerly busy diving and surfing town. Of course some divers come and I also watched kite surfers in the beautiful lagoon but far from the numbers that used to come here. And I heard that quite a few countries are taking up flights to Sharm El Sheik again. So things might get busy soon again.

Also when I first came up here to the mountains I did not feel ready to open fully to the practice. As if my heart would not be ready for all the intensity. Then one day I drank turkish coffee before I walked up one of the valleys and the coffee seemed to help to bring my inner vibration up to meet the vibration of the mountains. I felt the love and light and beauty more fully and walked myself into a state of bliss. A walking prayer, this is how it felt. On another day it was fairly easy to connect to my practice and my walking even on very uneven ground felt very stable as if in every step there was some magnet connecting me safely to the ground. And finally yesterday when walking up Mount Sinai I could feel the sacredness of the ground in every step and I remembered that I read that this is one of the tasks of us human beings to feel the sacredness in what we see and eat and touch and drink and thus honor God in everything. I want to extend my practice to more and more situations.

The walking barefoot on granite rock yesterday felt very inspiring and I think I will do this more often in the near future. Whatever can be felt in the earth or rock can enter the body more directly, as if we are directly connected to the life stream flowing in Mother Earth.

While I am writing the clouds are getting more dense. The forcast is for rain and wind tonight. The desert is expecting sand storms. I can feel the cold coming into my room. I will add another layer of clothes soon. The rain started … it is actually snow!

Greetings from Sinai

Now I am in Sinai. I arrived here in the beginning of March, spend some time at the Red Sea in Dahab to rest from my letting go of my apartment in Berlin and most of my furniture. The rest of my things are waiting for me for the next two years inshallah in a storage place.

A week ago I arrived in my beloved St. Katherine, at the foot of Moses Mountain, close to the famous monastery, in the middle of the South Sinai Mountains. I used to live here in 2010 and beginning of 2011. Back then I organized trips to the mountains and the desert and made friends with some of the bedouin. It was a very happy time for me here and it is again. So much love I feel for my friends and lots of love that I receive. Then the beauty of the mountains, the bright sun. The sacredness that is in everything here.

I am staying in a room in a bedouin camp in the village, these days there a not too many visitors but still some people come to climb Moses Mountain or to visit the monastery or to just relax and always interesting conversations arise.


When I arrived here I first wanted to visit my friends, then I wanted to go to the mountains and walk the beautiful wadis again. Today I finally climbed the holy mountain itself Gabal Mousa. It was a wonderful day with a bedouin friend as a guide, maybe 200 meters before the top I had the impulse to walk barefoot and we both continued without our shoes. It felt wonderful and something was touched inside of me then I think. I am here and now and present in the moment, blissful and relaxed. Walking on the hot granite stones that lead to the top of the mountain was deeply grounding. Today’s hike feels like the final initiation to my walking project. Starting this round of blog posts with a few photos: