The last two days in Mount Maunganui were enchanting. Something happened. I think I am one more step towards feeling what my practice is about.

The longer I felt the Mount beside me or behind/before me when walking on the beach and the more often I climbed it, the more sacred it appeared to me. For me there is always a special feeling to climb up a mountain. Some sense of achievement, the endorphins and then the instant treat of the views and the views from up there were some of the widest, bluest, sunniest I have seen. But there was more there. In the Maori stories and legends the hills have names and some are more holy or important then others and some have moved. With this particular Mount I believe I could feel the effect it has on the people who climb it and who live close to it.

When I was waiting for the bus yesterday morning, there was a group of trees just behind me. From there I had a last direct view of the Mount and it felt like there was a connection between those trees and the Mount. Those connections need to stay in place if we want to stay sane. So that would mean also not too many tall buildings in those areas. And as far as I understand some of the healing work the Maori are doing is about lands and plants and the connection between them. A few areas they have been able to reclaim are dedicated as reserves.

For me it is good to slowly get a feeling for these things. I need to feel it, any abstract knowledge would not help me at this point I believe. I also had moments of sensing the path beneath my feet, a very sensual feeling of walking, like being caressed by the earth at the same time.

I understood one more aspect of why I am on this journey. I need the practical experience and the walking while connecting heaven and earth is very practical indeed. I can look with more ease now at all those situations when I wanted to see things applied, abstract knowledge does not satisfy me.

Some thoughts about fields. Over the weekend the now yearly so-called cave meditation took place. For 46 hours a group of people worldwide comes together in meditation. Doodle calendars where you put your name and hour when you decide to join the field in meditation give an overview who is sitting when and if every hour is covered. And I believe a few hundred people participated. This year I only joined for one hour and still could feel the effect for the full 46 hours. It is amazing, as if for this time everybody who is participating is lifted into a higher state of presence or energy, and love. Yes in those moments it is tangible that we are all connected through love. I had very blissful moments, lovely encounters, people smiled at me and then the inisghts I described above. Another beautiful taste of what is possible with presence and committed and intentional groups and fields.

On a less subtle level I took the bus to Taupo yesterday, 3 hours away from the sea now, more towards the mountain region inland and my last stop before my planned Christmas adventure in the National Park. I booked a shuttle to do the Tongariro Crossing on the 24th. This is supposed to be one of the best day hikes in the world 🙂 and this is also where the Mordor scenes of the Lord of the Rings movie were filmed. Actually I would not mind if on a rainy day I could watch all those movies again.

In Taupo I am staying on the biggest campsite so far, hundreds of powered and unpowered sites, many empty still, can t imagine them all filled. There is a huge heated swimming pool with a bar you can swim up to. I had a nice relaxing swim after my hike to the Huka Falls in the afternoon. We are at the Waikato river here, the longest in NZ, its power is adding 15% of NZ energy.

Today the forecast was for rain, so I went down into town and to the lake. A sign advertising not so expensive haircuts got my attention and without much further thinking I had my hair washed and cut. Feeling like new and soon ready for the local museum after a comfortable break in this coffee place with a sofa, always great for having a bit of a home away from home feeling.

I am now back at the campsite. After the museum I did some food shopping and cooking. No more eating out for a few days as I spent my money on a new swimsuit to meet the local pool standards and as I am doing much more swimming then I had imagined.

One thought on “Taupo

  1. I especially enjoy it when you speak about the heaven and earth part and how it feels to be walking. You’ve made a nice plan for Xmas. (And one more thing about mountains – you always have to look up to them!)


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