Nov 29th

Time for a new post. I am in Whangerei now, staying in a small camping and hostel place outside of town, close to some nice trails and close to the Whangarei falls.

I had a few low key day, yesterday I hitchhiked to the coast (Tutukaka with access to as advertised some of the best diving experiences if you go out to the Pour Knights Islands), no diving for me. I walked along a few small and empty beaches, feet in water and then slept in the sand. My practice also works sitting or lying down. The regenerating effect of lying on the sand and imagining to be a connection between heaven and earth is amazing.

Speaking of wholeness the people I met while hitchhiking have been interesting. In the morning after literally half a minute of waiting, a young woman gave me a lift to Matapouri, approx. 30km up the coast. She told me she is a farmer, raising sheep and beef for meat production. On the way back, a butcher gave me a lift, he was in surfing gear, telling me about getting up at 4 in the morning, to start work at 4.30am and having the afternoon free to follow his surfing hobby. In the evening I chatted with two vets, one of them responsible for checking regulations also in the meat production. And then this morning a chef from Argentina, who praised how well he gets payed in NZ and that he plans to stay here and how he loves his job. They might all be handling the same piece of meat. Sorry vegetarians and vegans ….

This afternoon Ken, who runs a company which produces pies, to add to the whole picture, gave me a lift back to my temporary home.

Today I walked on a part of the Te Araroa trail, 14km total, first on the road, then a beautiful trail through bush and over fields. Part of the trail building must have been very hard and the result is wonderful. I keep meeting hikers doing the whole trail, actually met a couple today who I had met in Ahipara over a week ago.



Dec 3rd

Lots of beautiful walking since I wrote the first part of this post. It is good to stay at on place for a week to explore and get to know the surroundings a bit. Have been out to the Tutukaka Coast two more times, more Te Araroa trails, I reported on Facebook …

On Thursday I must have walked for 30km, a super beautiful track along the coast. I had put my mind to reaching a little place called Whananaki, the last bit was over the longest footbridge in the Southern hemisphere and at the end of that I knew from my Loney planet book that there would be a shop. They even had hot tea and I so enjoyed my tea and lots of biscuits. Oh, the joys of eating as much as you want as the body will burn it all anyway 🙂 And I noticed my tendency to become competetive with myself, how long I can walk. Hmm. And I also listen when it is time for rest like today.

I am very happy that my body seems to heal while walking, legs and knees are doing fine.

I had many highs on that beautiful long walk. At some point I was so taken by the beauty of nature around me that I started „drinking“ the different colors. They are there for us to heal I believe.

Yesterday I spent the day with T., a friend of my NZ friend M. She happens to live just 2km away from my camping site. She took me for a drive to another beautiful coast in this area. We had a wonderful time and I felt very lucky indeed. She connected me to another lady doing constellations near Rotorua where I am heading to anyway next week. So will be taking a constellation workshop next Saturday and meet more locals. Things are flowing well.

And I started to connect with a tree on the way to the city center which I am looking forward to meet again this afternoon after I posted this.

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