On my way – from Perth, Australia

Sitting in the very nice airport lounge in Perth. So far so good.

Some interesting things happened. We left Berlin 1 hour late. Maybe around 80% of passengers had connecting flights in Abu Dhabi and as it seemed most of them only around 1,5 hours to change gates, me too. The lady sitting beside me started being very negative. She did not stop talking about how bad it was and that she would be missing the festival that she was going to. I get very easily triggered with such negativity. So I was getting really annoyed. Normally I would sit and take it and sometimes throw in something positive into the conversation. But then I felt into how it would feel doing this for 6 hours and I heard myself say to her to please stop complaining that it would only disturb her mood and mine and that it would not change the situation. I even said that she had some control to make it all work out ok if she would hold a positive perspective. It did not come out very elegantly given my distress … It lead to her being silent for the rest of the flight. So I could enjoy a film and some rest and fairly good food. Not perfectly handled, but an improvement to my usual silent suffering 😉

When we landed at a time my ongoing flight was already boarding, I was nervous myself. Then Abu Dhabi turned out to be one of the best managed transfer airports I have seen; they opened all security lines, serviced fast and I was at my new gate 15 minutes after we had landed.

Then 10 hours flight time to Perth the big ocean underneath. I started marvelling over how flying is at all possible and with such high service and comfort. Later the dark sky turned purple and I cried some tears about being able to go on this adventure. The seat beside me must have been one of maybe 5 empty seats on the whole plane, and I could fit myself quite comfortably into a lying position thanks to my size and flexibility and get some sleep. Later I watched Matrix.

I thought about Teilhard de Chardins concept of the noosphere and that my project is also about embodying that. Believing that the more people sense into that realm/sphere and embody it, the more it becomes real and activated. And as I am according to Human Design a Manifestor this is a very fitting role for me to be part of. And noticing that this is my mind trying to understand better what I am doing. It might be best to follow my heart and just walk for now …

Also happy about my tablet, free internet access, a comfortable lounge sofa and that posting on my blog feels easy.

2 thoughts on “On my way – from Perth, Australia

  1. I just thought ‘good on you’ for not suffering silently, and found myself smiling. I could see you on the plane looking down on the ocean and was very touched and happy for you and your adventure. I once flew through Abu Dhabi down to Perth, so my memories came back. I will follow your steps on that continent, may you enjoy your journey deeply! with much Love Christine


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